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We offer personalized, caring bail bonds in Cerritos for families in need of bondsman services. We understand this is a personal, potentially embarrassing, situation. We handle all bail bonds confidentiality and We realize that each situation is unique. Each client will be treated with respect. Patel Bail Bonds is here to help. We have extensive knowledge of the Cerritos jail system to help you as quickly as possible regardless of location.

You must be looking for Cerritos bail bonds if you are viewing my site. If you have done a little research, you have learned that the California Department of Insurance regulates the bail bond industry. If you are looking around you will find that bail agents charge 10% of the bail amount. How do you pick a bail bondsman? What’s different here?

Please call Toll-free to discuss your unique situation at 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288.

hile we handle all charges and all bail amounts, We specialize in high bail amounts and family situations including DUIs and Domestic Violence Charges for Cerritos bail bonds.

Bail Bonds – Essential Information

If you are considering bailing someone out of jail, you should understand some basic information about bail bonds. Likely, this is your first experience with a bondsman and the bail bond process. I want to ensure you understand the Cerritos bail bonds process.

We offer many pages with additional information and resources:

How Bail Bonds Work

  • What are Bail Bonds / Bail Bond Contracts
  • the Purpose of the Bail System
  • What to Expect When Bailing Someone Out of Jail
  • Costs of Bail Bonds and Payment Options
  • How Bail Bonds are Approved

The Arrest Process

  • What Happens When Someone is Arrested
  • Booking and Processing of an Arrestee

Cerritos Sheriff’s Station and Community Safety Center

18135 Bloomfield Ave.
Cerritos, CA 90703
(562) 860-0044

About the City of Cerritos

The story of Cerritos is a history in progress. From an agricultural community, incorporated as Dairy Valley in 1956, to the thriving commercial center residents know today as Cerritos. Groundbreaking events in its history prove that this has always been a community that thrives on innovation.

In 1978, the city dedicated the nation’s first solar heated City Hall complex. Continuing on with the 1980’s the City broke new ground with the development of the Cerritos Auto Square, which generates more that 6.8 million in sales tax revenue annually.

The 1990’s brought the creation of the world-class Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and a state-of-the-art Sheriff’s Station and Community Safety Center. Additionally, various Senior Housing projects and the Senior Center serve the residents of Cerritos. Support for the Arts is a tradition in Cerritos; with sculpture, fountains, and other original works, installed throughout the City.

The world’s first Experience Library opened in 2002, drawing interest and visitors form communities worldwide. Recorded here are large and small events; both inspiring and heartbreaking, which reveal a history of community involvement. This archive is dedicated to the people who have devoted their talents and careers to Cerritos.