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Bondsman Serving Hit and Run Charges

If someone you know has been arrested for felony or misdemeanor hit and run, call our bail company today. At Patel Bail Bonds, we understand the California jail system and know what to do to have your friend or family member released as quickly as possible. A knowledgeable, caring bondsman will give you up-to-date information on jail location, arrest and charges. We know it may be a difficult time for your family which is why we offer the utmost confidentiality. When you work with us, we Â’re in your corner. Give us a call at Toll-free, 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288.

Hit and Run Accidents

It’s something we hear about on the news quite a lot: Someone has been hit by a car and the driver has left the scene. We wonder why they didn’t stop; why they didnÂ’t see if the person was hurt or worse. It may not be their fault. Even if they didnÂ’t cause the accident, fear may have driven them to leave the scene. However, many people donÂ’t know that leaving the scene of a hit and run accident is something people are typically arrested and jailed for.

Charges of a Hit and Run

Punishment for hit and run can lead to steep fines, jail, prison time or suspension of a driverÂ’s license. If a person leaves an accident, there could be serious ramifications. The defendant could be charged with vehicular manslaughter if the person they hit dies. Even if it was a dog, cat or other animal that was hit; if the driver leaves the scene, they could be charged with animal abuse. A misdemeanor may be charged for a hit and run that leads to the injury of a person or animal or damage to property. A felony can be charged if the driver failed to stop upon hitting a person, animal or property. This is true; especially if they fail to render emergency assistance to the victim or fail to identify themselves. Any person that is involved in a vehicular accident of any kind must remain at the scene of the accident until the police or sheriff department arrives and makes a report. Further, if they are charged with a DUI, there are other matters to consider.

Arrest, Booking and Release Information

When an individual is arrested for hit and run, they will be taken to the local police station where they may be interviewed; fingerprinted, photographed, booked, etc. A long period of time may pass before the jail computer system has any information of a personÂ’s arrest. Should you contact the jail too quickly after your family friend or family member has been arrested, you may find they have not been placed in the jailÂ’s computer system yet. This is a normal process as the pre-booking period takes time. After the individual has been booked, they may be released from jail on bail bond or otherwise or they may be held until arraignment if no bail is posted. Arraignment generally takes place within two business days. For example, if someone is arrested on Wednesday evening, they would most likely be arraigned on the following Monday morning.

Creative Payment Solutions

If you need financing, we offer many solutions and have many bail bond payment options to choose from. We Â’ll let you know within a few short minutes if you qualify. When you qualify, we can work out payments with no additional finance charges or fees. A credit card is usually the easiest and fastest way of paying for a bail bond. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You may also pay by cash

We Make It Easy

With the technology available, we can quickly get you through the approval process in just a few minutes over the phone. You donÂ’t need to personally show up at an office or even at a jail to post an inmates bail. We also offer the convenience of meeting with you directly at your home or the jail facility where your loved one is being detained. ItÂ’s all up to you.

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