Bail Bonds for Identity Theft Charges

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Identity Theft Charges – California Penal Code 530.5

Identity theft (530.5 P.C.) can come in many forms. Someone could be charged and arrested for the use of another personÂ’s credit card, name, date of birth or their Social Security number. If facing an identity theft charge, also termed as a “true name fraud” the person would have been caught using someone elseÂ’s personal information to open accounts or purchase something in his or her name. Another form of identity theft is called  “account takeover fraud, ” where the person has gained access to another personÂ’s existing account to make charges illegally. This act constitutes as a felony,  “white collar crime ” and the person charged can face very large fines, restitution, time in county jail or much longer time in prison.

What Is A Bail Bond?

A bail bond can also be called a “Surety Bond”. It is a contract which is executed by the signer, (indemnitor), or co-signer and guarantees that the defendant, (arrestee) will appear for their scheduled court appearances. In the event the defendant should fail to appear, also called a “skip”, the signers of the bail bond contract would agree to pay the court the full amount of the bail bond.

How Much Does Bail Cost?

In most states by law, including California, the cost of a bail bond is 10% of the total amount of the bail. For example: If the amount of the bail is $10,000, you will pay $1,000 to have your family member or friend released. We offer several bond payment options to assist with financing. A credit card is both the easiest and fastest way of paying for a bail bond. We always accept VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You may also pay by cash.

What is Collateral?

ItÂ’s important to understand, that if for any reason the defendant does not show for court or cannot be located, the bail bond company may have to use collateral to pay the “forfeiture” of the total bail amount. That is why a bail bond company may require initial collateral to assist in ensuring the defendant will appear.

With our bail company, we write most bail bonds with no collateral. When we do require collateral, it is generally in the form of California real estate or a cash deposit. ItÂ’s important to know that if a bail bond is secured with the use of collateral, it will be returned once the case has been settled.

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