Bail Bonds for Possession of Marijuana

Bondsman For Marijuana Possession

In California, many have been arrested for the possession of Marijuana. If youÂ’ve found yourself arrested for the same charge, we can help. We have posted bail for several clients throughout California arrested on possession of Marijuana charges at jails across the entire state. Let one of our knowledgeable bail agents help to answer your most pressing questions, while working on the details of bailing you out. We specialize in many charges of this nature and can work quickly and confidentially to have you released from jail as quickly as possible. We offer no cost phone consultations and you will always know what to expect prior to signing any paperwork. When charged with possession of Marijuana in California, let be your first choice for a bail bond. Call us 24/7, Toll-free, 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288.

Possession of Marijuana Charges in California

The amount of Marijuana found on a person, in their car or in their general possession can often mean a harsher or lighter penalty. For example, the possession of just one ounce, 28.5 grams or less, of Marijuana can be punishable by a $100 maximum fine. However, the more Marijuana that is found, the higher the chance a person will be charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking the drug; a more serious offense with more serious penalties, as well as stiffer jail time served. Also, the way in which the Marijuana is found to be packaged will weigh-in on the seriousness of the charge. Someone can also be charged with the possession of associated paraphernalia.

Court Information

In court, if a judge convicts a defendant of felony charges for the possession of Marijuana, they will be stuck with a felony criminal record. If this was their first time being convicted, or if the defendant had less than a total of 30 grams of marijuana on them, the maximum penalty may be a fine of $1,000 or 6 months in jail, or both. However, the penalty for a first time offense is typically much less. A judge can also discharge the case all together.

Marijuana Charges Bail Amounts

The bail amount for possession of Marijuana can be set within each jurisdiction in the state. In cases for the possession of more than one ounce of marijuana, a bail amount of $500 can be typical. In cases for the possession of concentrated marijuana, which may also be known as hash or hashish, a bail amount of $10,000 can be typical. In cases for the possession of marijuana with the intent to sell or distribute the drug, the bail amount can be much higher. Furthermore, if the amount of Marijuana exceeds one pound, bail can often be set upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 or more.

Some defendants may claim to the police and the courts that the possession and use of marijuana was for medicinal purposes. In California, courts may be inclined to grant O.R (own recognizance) instead of requiring the arrestee to post bail for the offense. A medical marijuana I.D card and the defendantÂ’s prescribing physicianÂ’s original medical affidavit will be required to be shown at the defendantÂ’s court hearing.

Options to Meet Your Needs

Many of our clients are located within different areas of California. Some are even out of state from the person in jail. Patel Bail Bonds offers bail bonds by fax and email to get the detainee released as quickly as possible, so location is never a problem. If you’re local, perhaps youÂ’d prefer one of our bail agents come to your location or meet you directly at the jail. When you contact us, weÂ’ll just ask a few quick questions to get the bail process started. Important information such as the arresteesÂ’ full name, the amount of the bail, their date of birth and when they were arrested can be very helpful. Once the bond has been approved, the necessary forms will need to be signed. Both the bail application and contract are two very simple and easy to understand documents.

Creative Financing Solutions

Our company always offers creative financial solutions and has several bail bond payment options to choose from. We can work out payments with no additional taxes or finance charges. A credit card is most often the fastest and easiest way of paying for a bail bond. We always accept VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You may also pay by cash.

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Our company will provide you with fast, professional and courteous information for all California jail bail bonds. For additional information on charges, arrest and jail location information, please call to find out how we can be of further assistance. Our Toll-free nationwide number is, 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We will always work with you to help to get your family member or loved one out of the jail right away. If you are considering bailing someone out of for possession of Marijuana charges, you may find the following pages helpful: