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If you or someone you care for has been arrested for a misdemeanor in California, trust Patel Bail Bonds to have them released from jail quickly and efficiently. We specialize in all misdemeanor charges and all California jails. We offer the most fast and convenient way of handling the paperwork via fax or email. Our licensed agents are always available to meet with you directly at any jail, at your office or we can meet at your home. We offer caring, professional and discreet service and can handle any misdemeanor charges and all bail needs 24/7. We offer no cost phone consultations and you will always know what to expect prior to signing any paperwork. When charged with a misdemeanor, let be your first choice for a bail bond at, Toll-free, 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288.

What to Expect When Charged with a Misdemeanor

If you, a friend or loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor, it is typically known as a less serious crime. The punishment for a misdemeanor in California can vary according to jurisdiction and county. The typical maximum punishment for a misdemeanor in California is one year in a county jail. Some that are charged with misdemeanors are given fines, probation, community service or a part-time prison sentence which may be served on weekends. If someone has been charged with a misdemeanor, their civil rights should not be imposed upon. Freedoms such as voting should not be interrupted unless the judge has imposed a jail sentence upon them.

Court Responsibilities

It’s important to understand that if you have been charged with a misdemeanor, even if you are bailed out of jail, it is still a serious and formal matter which will have to be addressed in court. When released from jail, you will probably be asked to sign a citation document called “a promise to appear. ” Should for any reason you fail to appear in court for your misdemeanor charge, you may be charged with an additional offense which is punishable by up to 6 months in jail, steep fines and additional court fees. It is also highly likely that the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest, so it is crucial to make every court date.

The Bail Bond Process

Upon contacting our company, we Â’ll ask a few quick questions to get the bail process started. Important information such as the arresteesÂ’ full name, the amount of the bail bond, their date of birth and when they were arrested are all very helpful to have ready at hand. Once the bond has been approved, the necessary forms will have to be filled out and signed. Both our bail application and contract are two very simple and easy to understand documents.

Indemnitor Responsibilities

The indemnitor is the person signing the contract, paying the fee and ultimately, taking on the responsibility. The bail agency (in this case, Patel Bail Bonds) will jointly promise to the court that the defendant will not miss any of their necessary court appearances.

Financing a Bail Bond

Patel Bail Bonds offers our clients uniquely creative financial solutions with different bail bond payment options to choose from. When you call us, we will let you know if you qualify for financing within a few short minutes. We can work out payments with no additional taxes or finance charges when you qualify. Using a credit card to pay for a bail bond is most often the fastest and easiest. We always accept VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You may also pay by cash.

Patel Bail Bonds – Trusted

We have the experience and knowledge of both the bail bonds industry and the California jail systems. Please call to find out how we can help.

For additional bail bond information, call Toll-free 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288 and talk one-on-one with a bail bondsman. We Â’re here to assist you with any of your questions about misdemeanor charges or bail bond needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.