Bail Bonds for Tax Evasion

California Bondsman Serving Tax Evasion Charges

Being arrested for tax evasion can be a serious offense. If a friend or family member has been booked and jailed on this charge we are available to answer your most urgent questions. Our family bail bond company understands the California jail and bail system. We Â’ll work quickly and efficiently to have them released and back at home as soon as possible. Many clients donÂ’t know the paperwork can easily be handled by fax or email. You Â’ll never have to leave the comfort of home. Give us a call at Toll-free (877) 224-5266. Our friendly and professional bail agents will take the time to help you understand how bail works.

Tax Evasion Charges -California Penal Code 381-800

When someone has been charged with tax evasion (381-800 P.C.), it can lead to serious consequences. Another form of “white collar crime”, tax evasion means a person has mislead the IRS, or have failed to file their tax returns in a timely manner, or provided false information about income. Even if someone else handled your taxes, you can still be responsible and tax evasion charges can be filed against someone. Charges for tax evasion can lead to penalties such as incarceration, heavy fines and asset forfeiture.

Booking Process

Depending on the capacity and workload of each jail, the booking, (fingerprinting, photograph and background checking) process may take anywhere from one to 24 hours. A larger facility can take much longer than a smaller one. The smaller California jails may often transfer inmates to larger, central facilities after a certain period of time.

Release Options

After the defendant is completed being booked into the jail system, they may be released from jail on bail bond or held until arraignment if no bail is posted. Arraignment generally takes place within two business days. For example, if the defendant is arrested on Thursday evening, they would generally be arraigned on the following Monday morning. There are several different options for release from jail in California. Some of these options include: Bail Bonds, Own Recognizance (“O.R.”), Citation Release (“Cite Out”), Property Bonds and Cash Bonds. ItÂ’s important to know that bail can typically be posted at most California jails, 24-hours a day.

Bail Bond Process

With the technology now available you never have to personally appear at an office or a jail to post an inmates bail. Our company can quickly get you through the approval process over the phone in just a few minutes. We can also meet you directly at your home or the jail where the defendant is being held.

Bail Fees

In California, the mandated fee for a bail bond is 10%. For example, if the bail has been set by the judge at $20,000, you would pay $2,000 to bail them out. We never charge any additional finance charges, taxes or fees. We accept all major credit cards and very often we wonÂ’t need collateral.

You Can Rely On Us

You can always depend on Patel Bail Bonds when you Â’re in need of a bail bond for any California jail. We are open 24 hours a day. When you speak one-on-one with our professional bail agents they will answer your most urgent questions. Please call Patel Bail Bonds at our Toll-free number 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288. We Â’ll explain the bail bond process to you and get working to have your family member or friend released from jail as quickly as possible.